Lámpara solar Precio de fábrica Bombilla LED recargable con panel solar de 45W 16V Otras luces solares

Lámpara solar Precio de fábrica Bombilla LED recargable con panel solar de 45W 16V Otras luces solares

Tamaño del paquete 37.50cm * 8.00cm * 25.00cm Peso bruto del paquete 3.200kg Plazo de entrega 15 días (1 - 1000 piezas)


Información básica.
N º de Modelo.SRE-818
Material del cuerpo de la lámparaEl plastico
Tipo de luzSolar
Temperatura del colorBlanco frío
TécnicaPintado Mate
Tiempo de iluminación12-30 horas
Tipo de célulaBatería de Litio
Tiempo de carga (H)12
UsoCalle Jardin
Clasificación del IPIP65
CertificaciónCE, RoHS, Bis Sin Vera Sol
Con fuente de luzCon fuente de luz
Colores5 colores
Pedido OEMAceptable
Tipo de controladorCambiar
Bulbo llevado4PCS de 6W
Paquete de transporteCaja de cartón
Especificaciónpeso: 7 kg
Marca comercialOEM
Código hs9405409000
Capacidad de producción10000PCS/mes
Empaquetado y entrega
Tamaño del paquete 37,50 cm * 8,00 cm * 25,00 cm Peso bruto del paquete 3200 kg Plazo de entrega 15 días (1 - 1000 piezas)
A negociar ( > 1000 Piezas)
Descripción del Producto
Bombilla LED recargable del precio de fábrica de la lámpara solar con el panel solar de 45W 16V otras luces solares
Introducción de producto de las luces de movimiento con energía solar de luz de seguridad de movimiento:
nombre del productoSalvando el sistema solar
Bulbo llevado4 piezas de 6W
UsoEmergencia, camping, lectura.
Tipo de controladorCambiar
Pedido OEMAceptable
Plazo de entrega de la muestra3-5 días
Colores5 colores
Peso cruzado por unidad de producto19kg

Accesorios de embalaje
4 luces colgantes1 panel solar1 caja de controlAdaptador USB

Characteristics about the motion security light solar powered motion lights:This small solar system product is equipped with a larger rechargeable battery, a solar power generation system of 10000 MAH, and its dual USB socket can meet the charging of a variety of devices. Not only that, its size is very small, its style is lovely, and it can be easily put into your backpack and car and taken to any place where electricity is needed. It is DC output to ensure safety and reliability, and it is packaged and shipped as a whole, and the transportation is also very convenient.Theory of the motion security light solar powered motion lights:Solar home lighting systems are a type of off-grid solar energy system designed to provide electricity for lighting and other small appliances in homes or other buildings that are not connected to the grid. The basic components of a solar home lighting system include a solar panel, a battery, charge controller, and lighting fixtures.The solar panel is the primary component of the system, responsible for collecting sunlight and converting it into DC electricity. The size of the solar panel will depend on the energy needs of the household, the amount of sunlight available in the area, and the geographic location.Application/Usage about the motion security light solar powered motion lights:Solar home lighting systems are primarily designed for use in off-grid or remote areas where access to electricity from the grid is limited or non-existent. They are commonly used in rural areas where electricity infrastructure is not available, as well as for emergency backup power during power outages.Service:1. Exclusive agents in local country are welcomed. 2. Professional Free Design.3. We supply sample for your testing.4. The warranty time is 1 years.5. We are honor to supply our products to these countries.Company profile:Global Sunrise lights Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of the largest renewable energy companies in China, focusing on the manufacturing, component assembly and system installation of solar lamps. We assure you that all products have passed the quality and environmental protection certification and can fully meet the needs of your market. We always put customers first and are committed to progress, innovation and moral choice. Our mission is to provide innovative photovoltaic technology for building integration to generate renewable solar power. Our hope is to ensure the health of the earth for future generations by transforming our infinite sunshine into practical energy for mankind.

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